Plan for
any outcome

Accelerate your planning cycle time and be 
prepared for what's next no matter the scenario.


Features at a glance

  • Database

    Automated audit trail

  • Database Clock

    Trusted data access

  • App Window Multiple

    Scenario modeling support

  • App Window Settings

    Source systems integrations

  • Data File Lock

    Comprehensive access controls


Make good decisions based on good data

Inaccurate information hinders good decision-making. Cube automates the labor-intensive processes of gathering, reconciling, and cleaning data so you can trust your numbers. 



Collaborate effectively

Collaborate in real-time, plan and model with greater flexibility, and keep everyone on the same page—directly from the comfort of your spreadsheets.



Accelerate your planning cycle

Manual processes slow you down and prevent you from moving quickly. Stay ahead of pace by planning and modeling across multiple scenarios and outcomes.


Planning & modeling for teams

FP&A for all

Get out of the weeds by automating reports and data consolidation so teams can focus on strategic decision-making.

Cube for Finance


Accurately and quickly understand your organization’s financial health, performance, and potential future outcomes.

Cube for Sales


Be agile for anything that comes your way. Plan for the best outcomes ahead of time with Cube.

Cube for HR


Ensure you have the talent and benefits you need to scale 
your company for years to come.

Cube for C-Suite


You want a business that lasts. Develop annual and quarterly plans that keep you ahead of the curve.

cube-finance cube-sales cube-hr cube-csuite main

Business needs, solved.

Annual budgets

Create, revise, and collaborate on budgets seamlessly while maintaining version control. Track financial goals, allocate resources effectively, and gain real-time visibility into your organization's financial performance against the annual budget.

CapEx/OPEX planning

Effectively plan and manage your capital investments and operational expenses, ensuring that financial resources are allocated efficiently to support strategic initiatives and maintain financial health.

Break-even analysis

Identify the point at which revenues equal costs, enabling you to understand the minimum level of activity required to avoid losses. This valuable insight informs strategic pricing and resource allocation decisions.

Headcount planning

Easily model and analyze headcount scenarios, align staffing levels with business objectives, and ensure you have the right talent in place to meet your organizational goals. Improve workforce efficiency and optimize labor costs.

Unlimited multi-scenario planning

Evaluate what-if scenarios, assess the potential impact of different variables on your financial outcomes, and make agile decisions to navigate uncertainties in the business environment.

Monthly/ quarterly forecasting

Generate accurate and timely forecasts to adapt to changing market conditions, identify emerging trends, and make proactive decisions to steer your organization toward financial success.

Sales forecasting

Accurately project future sales based on historical data and market trends, allowing you to align resources, set realistic targets, and optimize your sales strategies. Stay ahead of market dynamics with precise and data-driven sales forecasts.

Driver-based planning

Align your plans with the critical factors influencing your business performance, ensuring that your strategies are grounded in the most impactful drivers to achieve optimal financial outcomes.


Cube has enabled us to add entities, departments, and lines of business without the need for consultants and IT, or having to rebuild complex planning and reporting models.

Jesse Ingram, VP & Head of Finance

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