The All-in-One Financial Planning Calendar

Discover how to create an effective financial planning calendar, plus tips and tricks for improving your planning process and collaboration.

The Ultimate Quarterly Board Deck

Calling all CFOs! Discover how to craft a concise and captivating quarterly board meeting deck that instills confidence in a board.

Financial KPIs dashboard template

Financial KPIs Dashboard

Streamline your financial analysis with our easy-to-use KPI dashboard template.Download, customize, and compare your key metrics in one convenient view.

Sales Quota Capacity

Easily and sustainably grow your business's sales arm with this free sales quota capacity template for Excel and Google Sheets.

Rolling 12-Month Forecast

Easily and quickly maintain a rolling 12-month forecast for your business's operating expenses with this free Excel and Google Sheets template.

Statement of cash flows (Excel template)

Refresh or revise your cash flow reporting and operations with this free Excel and Google Sheets template from Cube.

Capital Expenditures

Calculate the associated spend and depreciation for a capital budget or forecast with this free template.

Operating Expense Planning

Quickly and easily collect operating expenses from department leaders with this sample department budget opex collection file.

P&L Budget vs. Actuals (Free Excel Template)

This downloadable P&L budget vs. actual Excel template compares your actual income and expenses to what you'd predicted when you made your budget.

SaaS Revenue Model

Download our Excel template to make SaaS revenue models to make informed decisions on fundraising, scenario planning, and other endeavors.

3 statement model template

Basic 3-Statement Model (Free Excel Template)

The 3-statement model combines 3 key reports into one forecast. This is a free, downloadable Excel template you can use for your own financial models.

Simple ARR Forecast (Revenue/Churn)

Compare revenue and churn or forecast ARR (annual recurring revenue) with this downloadable Excel template.

Headcount Planning

Streamline your headcount and workforce planning with our free, easy-to-use Excel template. Download now to effortlessly simplify the process.